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Hello Florent Beuchet. Thank you for taking the time to make this interview! Florent how/what was your personal way to rum?

Florent Beuchet: First of all I come from a wine family. 10 years ago, my dad invested in a small Absinthe distillery and I felt in love with spirits in general for their diversity.Then I did a special master in international wine and spirit trade. At the end of this one year program I got offer a 18 months position in New York to be the brand manager for a Rum brand Called Banks rum over there. It was a great experience and I got to taste the best rums available on the American market.

Marcus Stock: That was at Diva Spirits?

Florent Beuchet: Diva Spirits is my company where I buy and sale spirits from around the world. Compagnie des indes is a brand own by Diva Spirits.

Marcus Stock: What was your intention to call „compagnie des indes“ into being?

Florent Beuchet: Calling my brand „compagnie des indes“ was in the intend to give people an idea of travel and discoveries like in the 17th century while the West indies companies where sourcing delicious spices, silk, metals, and gems in the colonies and bringing them to their home country. So that they would make those products available to the final consumer. I’m doing the same selecting rums from all around the world and making them available for my friends rum lovers in Europe.

Marcus Stock: Wich rum of „compagnie des indes“ was your biggest challenge and why?

Florent Beuchet: Definitely the caraibes clend. First, because it was my first ever blend and then because I took the decision to start my brand with this one which was quite a Challenge; Why? Because the Caraibes blend only contains 15g of Sugar per Liter (organic cane syrup) and also the mouthfeel of this blend is much drier than what most of what people are used to in the entry level rum market. I could have gone with a very sugary rum with lots of fake aromas but that was not my idea. Instead I wanted to break people stereotypes about rum and make them swift toward drier styles of rum with less sugar and then of course no sugar when we are talking about my single casks editions.

Marcus Stock: Did you got more finish projects like the „boulet de canon“ and will the rum continoued?

Florent Beuchet: 
I don’t want to make the whole story of my brand around the Finish world. I like finishes but only in small quantities as my philosophy is to make people travel around the world of rums with my brand as I try to bottle rums from lots of different origins but most importantly that have the true taste and character of their country of origin. Finishes bring some more aromas to the rums so they have to be used with caution. However, because I like to experiment and create things that have not or very limited be done before I tried this Boulet de Canon N1 as you might have realized, if there is a number it’s because a number 2 is going to be on the market one day… When? Well next year around end of spring

Marcus Stock: Will your future rums be influenced by feedback you get from the customer and resellers or will they be a response to new trends you are seeing in the rum industry or both? Would you like to give us a exclusive sneak preview about the next rums?

Florent Beuchet: Well, some of my rums have already been influenced by the feedbacks of my consumers such as for the ABV, I started bottling for the European market (Not talking about the Danish market) some cask strength rums as some of my consumers were asking for it. But at the same time, I like to do things differently and bottle sometime rums that nobody have heard about such as my Indonesian Batavia Arrack 10 Years Old. It’s important to me to break people expectation about rums in general and bottle rums that they have never came across before. About the new rums coming for 2016 I won’t say much apart that there should be two different finishes during the year… .

Marcus Stock: If you didn’t had the job with diva spirits and compagnie des indes. In wich distillery’s (name two) would you like to work and what kind of job you like to get there. You can also name old distillery’s.

Florent Beuchet: Well, if I had no job with my two companies, I would have most likely ended up working for my Dad’s Absinthe Distillery (Distillerie Emile Pernot) or I would have loved to work with the Whisky distillery called Domaine des Hautes Glaces, in the French Alps as I love the way they work, basically controlling all their production from grain production up to distillation and commercialization.

Marcus Stock: The single cask rums are without colour or sugar. The other blends are the the same or are they like the Caribbean ?

Florent Beuchet: Yes all the single casks rum contains NO coloration nor Suggar. Or at least I add none as sometimes it happens that the distillery add a touch of sugar or caramel right after distillation in the cask. I try not to buy those casks but sometimes it happens that they don’t tell me.

Florent Beuchet: Concerning the blends, here are the details:
Caraibes: 15g of sugar/L (I use ORGANIC cane Syrup) and Caraibes is THE ONLY ONE of my rums to contain caramel Coloring (starting next year, I will stop adding caramel coloring to it as I feel this is not necessary anymore now as I have educated my consumers about the color in spirits). Latino 5ans: No caramel Coloring, Straight Five years old (No Bullshit solera system) and also 15G of sugar/L (I use ORGANIC cane Syrup) Jamaica 5ans: No caramel Coloring, Straight Five years old (No Bullshit solera system) and also 10G of sugar/L (I use ORGANIC cane Syrup) Jamaica 5ans Navy Strength: No caramel Coloring, Straight Five years old (No Bullshit solera system) and No Sugar added.

Marcus Stock: Do you have missed a question, you wished it would have been asked? Do you have one?

Florent Beuchet: Well, Not really , just want to showcase the fact that I am trying to educate the consumer to drink more authentic rums, with let or even better no Sugar in it. I want also to educate them that Aging means nothing on a bottle as most of rum suppliers cheats with the marketing name „Solera System“ whereas me if I put and age on my bottle then it is a straight rum from that age and also the fact that there is no real colours on rums and that colour means nothing as people add colours to their rums and that I have rums which are 24 YO that are lighter in colours than my 5 YO.

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