Kill Devil Single Cask Rum – New bottlings

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The ink from the interview is not even completely dry yet, but we already have news for the Kill Devil series created by Andrew Laing or rather Hunter & Laing. Within the next few days another edition of authentic single cask rums will appear. Bottlings from known distilleries will be included, but also new regions will make their debut here. As mentioned in the interview of Andrew Laing, there will also be included three Jamaicans in these single cask rums.

Kill Devil Barbados Foursquare 14 Jahre Single Cask Rum

The first rum is a 14 year old bottling from the Richard Seals Foursquare Distillery in Barbados, which is definitelly something everybody is curious about . If the rum was like all other existing bottlings stored in England, then the slow maturing of the rum and superb distillation could indeed create something really unique amongst the Kill Devil Single Cask Rums.

Kill Devil Belize Travellers 10 Jahre Single Cask Rum

The second bottling comes from Belize, precisely the Travellers Distillery and has spent 10 years in the cask. Since 1995 the Travellers Distillery is working with two or rather three distillation columns and a natural fermentation of molasses. Many famous Belize editions were sold out quickly …

Kill Devil Guatemala DARSA 8 Jahre Single Cask Rum

An eight year old rum from Guatemala will also be included in the Kill Devil Single Cask Rum Series. The rum was distilled at DARSA, a company which also has bottlings of Ron Botran and Zacapa in their portfolio. A self-owned sugar cane plantation and sugar ensure the quality of the raw material. The basic ingredient in rum from Guatemala is often sugar cane syrup, the so called „Sugar Cane Honey“. In contrast to stronger molasses rums, the fresh sugar cane juice is boiled separately. The Distillation itself takes place in a two-column system, which produces soft and floral rums. A possible highlight, the rums from Kill Devil are not sweetened and not coloured.

Kill Devil Guyana Diamond 11 Jahre Single Cask Rum

The Diamond Rum from Guyana is the second cask from the distillery, which is brought by Hunter & Laing in the series. This rum is only one year older than the first bottling and it remains open whether the same distillate was only bottled at a later date, or if this is a different production series. So far we are missing the exact details on that point. *sneak: it is the same poduction like the ten year old plus one year matureing

Kill Devil Guyana Uitvlugt 18 Jahre Single Cask Rum

However, this is a really interesting bottling, because the Rum was kept for 18 years in casks. This means that it is one of the last distillates produced in the original Ultvlugt Distillery and therefore a true „Old school“ Rum. However, it remains open, if the rum originates from the 1993 added „Versailles Still“, or whether it is a rum from the „Savalle Still“. Here we have two different types of distillation that would be possible, both are however very well known and popular among the connoisseurs! 

Kill Devil Jamaica Worthy Park 10 Jahre Single Cask Rum

The next rum comes from the heart of Jamaica, because the Worthy Park Distillery is located geographically in the center of the island and produces rum since 1670. The rum was initially produced using the continuous distillation process, but in 2005 the company changed to a copper pot still production, which also is responsible for this 10 year old Kill Devil Single Cask Rum. Which of the various fermentations or yeasts were used remains open.

Kill Devil Jamaica Monymusk 12 Jahre Single Cask Rum

The 12 year old Rum comes from one of the oldest distilleries and sugar cane plantations in Jamaica. The name of the distillery, of which Andrew Laing spoke very enthusiastic in his Interview, originates from Scotland. Monymusk, pronounced „Monadh Musga“ in Gaelic, was an estate in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Back in the days the huge villa was owned by the baronet Sir Archibald Grant’s. Apart from the English roots of the naming, the distillery owns 6 active Pot Stills and 3 Column Stills for their productions. Here we have also the interesting open fermentation of used molasses.

Kill Devil Jamaica Long Pond 15 Jahre Single Cask Rum

With the 15 year old Long Pond, Hunter & Laing launch a Rum on the market that might have what it takes. Some bottlings of the Long Pond Distillery were sold out within a short time. At Long Pond the Rums are produced in a Pot Still, but they will be in no way inferior to Rums of other independent bottlers. One thing is certain, Esther … Esther … Esther and much typical fruit are waiting for us. However, a small drop of bitterness remains in the reduced drinking strength of 46% vol. Alcohol.

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Kill Devil Single Cask Rum


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