New Bottlings from Compagnie des Indes

Compagnie-des-Indes-Banner-01-oT New Bottlings from Compagnie des Indes

Hello Florent,

thank you for giving me a short update about your upcomming single cask rums!

Marcus: Yesterday you released infos about a final tasting for the next rum release. How much rums will be released and are there differnce between germany, the UK and denmark?

Florent: There will be quite a lot of new rum released depending on the countries. All the countries in which I am distributed will cary mostly the same but some countries like Denmark, and Germany are going to get exclusive casks.

Marcus: Do you create again a blended rum? If yes, what was your inspiration?

Florent: I have 4 blends which are always and will always be produced :


-Latino 5YO

-Jamaica 5YO

-Jamaica 5YO Navy strength

Marcus: Are there Bottlings with barrelproof?

Florent: Yes there will be some bottling at barrel proof and one specially for Germany .

Marcus: What kind of origins will be in your next release, is there a cask where you are proud of to release it?

Florent: There will not be so many new origins appart from some rhums from Brazil… and some new distilleries however will be showcased.

I am very happy about something new that I will be doing which is going to be my first small batch Blend of 15YO including rums from dominican republic and trinidad.

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